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With the development of technology during the past decades, the digital creative space has become a massive community. Despite the growth in digital creators, there is still insufficient protection and awareness for copyright infringements and plagiarism that occurs in online communities.

Digital creators may find their creative works are stolen or monetized without their knowledge and the platform they utilize may not protect their work. By examining these scenarios, this thesis proposes a solution for creatives to take agency over their digital work and pave the way for future digital plagiarism prevention.

My Role

Product Designer

UX Researcher






UI/UX Design






How might we deliver a reliable and accessible method of detecting stolen art to give agency to the creator?

Develop a platform that aids in identifying potential art infringements on other platforms by utilizing image recognition software and assisting with taking down plagiarized works.


  1. What systems currently exist to protect creator’s work from plagiarism and misuse?

  2. What are the procedures and main pain points for creators that come across plagiarized work?

  3. What methods do creators use to protect their digital work?

  4. What platforms are most utilized for sharing work?


Based on the initial questions, I researched and compiled the information regarding digital art copyrights into a few main topics.

Visual Art Copyrights

You have a copyright in your artwork as soon as it has been created and fixed in a tangible object. Digital art is automatically copyrighted.

Proof of Ownership

Preventative Methods

If someone copies your digital art and tries to use it for commercial purposes, you will need to prove that the digital art belongs to you which can be challenging if you don’t have a copyright registration.

The most recommended methods to prevent and protect your creative work are watermarking, signing your work, uploading in lower resolution, and keeping records of your work.


After the initial research phase, user interviews were conducted with creatives regarding the subject matter.
The main points were synthesized into the chart below.

Insight Affinity Map


Insight Affinity Map 2





Key Findings


Creators are generally unaware of visual art copyrights and preventative methods to protect their work.


When creators face a potential copyright infringement, they do not know how to take down the plagiarized work.


Creators emphasize the need for education and support with removing plagiarized work, how to prevent it, and what rights they have as a creator.


After the user interviews, I created personas based on the user needs and motivations that were observed.

Persona Graphic Visual Artist
Persona Graphic Hobby Artist


Site Map Chart


For the mobile app design, I created wireframes to explore the user flow and layout of the features.

Wireframe Web Platform Mockup

Usability Testing

A prototype of the app was tested with a few users and some elements of the flagging system and filters were revised based on the feedback.

Nova_ Usability Test


Anchor 1

A platform for creatives to take
agency over their work.


The minimalistic dashboard allows users to easily upload their work and integrate with other social platforms.

Nova Dashboard

Light and Dark Theme

Plagiarism Detection

In this section, the user can view and report similar works that have been flagged as potential plagiarized works.

Nova Copyright Detection

Promotional Page

As part of the final output, I created a promotional page for users to learn about the app and its benefits.

Nova Promotion Design
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